Melinas Boutique Hotel B & B is a family run hotel founded in 2005. The property is owned by the Derva family and the hotel is managed by  brother and sister Ioanni and Melina Derva.

The hotel is an architectural jewel that fully respects the strict building standards of the area. It is built entirely of stone and wood, it stands on three floors and an attic and it is about 540 sq.m. All the house is surrounded by a yard and a garden. The two stone-built arches lead to the entrance are very impressed. Since its early years, it has been distinguished for its high-quality hosting facilities.

In 2013, the Derva family decided to renovate the building and adopt more environmentally friendly policies.The interior decoration is just as impressive. The wood-carved ceilings of the entrance with the handmade bronze lamps combined with the wall paintings are a representative example of Zagorian architecture. The combination of traditional architecture and luxury, the connection of the hotel with the natural environment of Zagori and the creation of experiences for visitors focusing on the activities of the mountain have brought the hotel as an excellent mountain destination.

The Melinas Boutique Hotel B & B IS to offer unique experiences to visitors, through different activities in the distinctive mountainous natural environment, enjoying the luxury of spacious rooms and functional and stylish of constructions..The architecture is harmoniously integrated with the environment, with the special interior design of the rooms and communal spaces of high aesthetics. Following the pattern of traditional architecture observed in Zagorochoria, serving all the needs and desires of visitors for both relaxation and excursions