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1. Alpine zone   http://www.alpinezone.gr/en/

2 Vasilis Remos http://www.zagori-outdoor.gr/

1. Zagori sightseeing day tour

Visiting the most popular view points of Zagori area, natural pools, ancient stone bridges , breathtaking view of Vikos gorge, one of the deepest canyon in the world.
-Traditional villages, and many more. Duration is 7-8 hours . The price includs light lunch ( home made veggie pie, fruits, sweets)



Canyoning is the ultimate outdoor activity for many extreme sports enthusiasts as it combines hiking in a wild landscape, swimming in a river, downhill rappel downhill using special equipment. Dive in the cool waters, vertigo of height, trekking between enormous vertical rocks and through narrow passages, the imposing beauty of the gorge make it an endless, authentic adventure for discerning seekers.

By choosing one of the canyoning routes we recommend you will get to know the true dimension of the sport, beyond everything usual, in a virgin, natural environment.

Canyoning Programs: Vikaki, Gorge in Papigo, Aoos

Canyoning at Papigo village with 5 rappels : ( the highest 17 meters suitable for children around 3-4 years old) . The duration is 5 hours and the price is 45��������� per person . (Full of water all year )


3. 4������4 jeep day tour .

���������90.00 per adult ���������70.00 per child

All day tour in the wild nature of Zagori, through the mud roads from the Zagorivillages to the national park of Valia Kalda (hot valley) ,the biggest national park in Greece.
During the tour we will be visiting the bear stream and hiking on the valley.
At the end, we will be returning through the artificial lake of Metsovo. We will stop for a light lunch ( home made veggie pie , fruits and sweets ) . The car models of the jeeps used are jeep Cherokee 3.7 and Land Rover defender 3.5.
Minimum charge 300��������� per day
Our company is certified from TUV Australia HELLAS for quality of services
We use jeep Cherokee renegade 3.7 cc and Land Rover defender 3.5cc
I'm at your disposal for any further inquiries


4.Central Zagori tour

���������40.00 per adult ���������20.00 per child

Explore with us the Central Zagori, admire the unique architecture, the view of the Vikos Gorge and many bridges in that area. Discover known and unknown aspects of Zagoria through our daily walk. Try traditional food of Zagori.

Time needed 6-7 hours.


5.River activities

1.Rafting, River Voidomatis.

2.Monoraft in Voidomatis (two-seaters small rafting boat with an experienced guide)

Duration:2 hours



Medium level
1) Central Zagori Bridge���������s route (Kipi-Dilofo-Vitsa-Koukoyli-Kipi)
A wonderful tour in which we meet 6 bridges and we walk through the forests of Zagori area.
Duration:4-5 hours
Difficulty: medium level

2) Hiking Vradeto stairs
One of the best hiking routes starts from village Kapesovo and ends at
Village Vradeto. We cross the stairs that till 1974 people were using for
Moving from one village to the other.Afterwards we hike for more 30��������� in
���������beloi��������� point of view to see Vikos gorge, through a breathtaking balcony.
Duration:4 hours
Difficulty: medium level

All hikes include: mountain guide, transportation, Hiking equipment (poles, gaiters, waterproof).
2-16 persons
Difficulty: medium level

Participants are provided with a diving outfit (wetsuit), booties, life jacket and helmet. The guides will carry a photographic camera and take pictures (a copy will be given to you at the end)



 Choosing one of our cycling routes you have the ability to cross unique landscapes of great natural beauty and make an interesting activity as moderate exercise combined with the view of the landscape we are sure that you will be rewarded. All you need is to take the decision to do this activity. All the rest we provide them to you. Our appointment is in our base in Kipoi, where we receive our equipment (bikes, gloves, helmet) .The transfer to the starting point is our responsibility.

You can bring your best mood and a hat, water tank, sports shoes, sunscreen, a snack.

Route No. 1: Negades - Kipoi.
Total route length 20 km.
Total duration of 2 hours of activity.
Difficulty: Low, beginners, family route.

Route No. 2:Kipoi- "Riziana" ���������monastery of Visiko-Kipoi.

Total route length 34 km. . (If you want a smaller or longer excursion adjusted by removing or adding asphalt km)
Total duration of activity of 2-2.5 hours.
Difficulty: demanding route.

2-16 persons